October 5, 2011 Webinar




  1. Mark Hunter
    08 October 11, 2:01pm

    First time meditation with a group. Still a little new to this but I think I felt something. Perhaps it was a realisation. I feel I relive the past and enjoy it much more reliving it than the ‘present’ of experiencing it. Does anybody also feel the same nostalgic values experienced in trance? Yet Michele mentioned that all is now. Not trying to analyse or understand it intellectually, just commenting.

  2. Michele Blood
    11 October 11, 8:51pm

    Dearest Mark,

    As this divine energy purifies consciousness it is very natural for the past to come up in our mind as it is all being purified.

    Best however to simply release these as they come up and focus on the moment.

    I expalin this in my book with Bob Proctor. “Become a Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness.”
    http://www.BecomeAMagnetToMoney.com I HIGHLY recommend the audio verison.

    I talk about this in the 2nd half of the book.

    Be open to all the good that comes and remember now that you are being empowered as a Mystical Success Club Member that your thoughts are also empowered so think always postive thoughts and next the rest as they come up.

    In Love, Joy and Oneness

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