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[image url=”http://www.MysticalSuccessClub.com/wp-content/uploads/The_Science_Of_Being_Great_.jpg” lightbox=”none” shadow=”none” align=”alignleft” title=”ScienceofBeingGreat” mright=”10″ mtop=”0″/]
[text width=”450px” right=”auto” left=”auto”]Spirituality cannot be discerned through the intellect alone, yet IT may be unfolded into our consciousness as the result of understanding thoughts received from the intellect. There is a path where the intellect of Science can awaken us to the dimension of Spirituality. Download Here[/text]

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[text width=”450px” right=”auto” left=”auto”]This new DVD covers the basics of meditation practice,
Chakras to deeper practices for those who wish to either deepen their practice or renew their practice for deeper union.

The practice of meditation assists with many things including:
*Releasing stress
*Improves health
*Clarity of mind and focus
*Keeps you calm
*Gives clear awareness
*Reduces High blood pressure

Eastern philosophies have recognized the health benefits of meditation for thousands of years. Meditation is now widely practiced in the West and is practiced by people of all religions and is now used by many business people who wish to be more focused. Download Here

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[text width=”450px” right=”auto” left=”auto”]The combination of this action planner and this action audio program by Bob Proctor and Michele Blood will make you unstoppable! Access these two products TODAY begin to take positive ACTION today.

Download NOW and become a FORCE who is truly together. Taking the right sort of action creates REAL and lasting success. Stop being busy for being busy’s sake and become a powerhouse of positive action. It’s not how much you work its what you do with the time. Every moment has unstoppable power and purpose when you know how. Simple, fun and – if followed – IT WORKS! Stop wasting precious life force and time. 1. PDF Download Here and 2. Audio Program Download Here[/text]


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  1. Beloved Judy,

    Keep Practicing high thoughts and meditation. It is worth it May you always be happy in the Light.

    I AM with you

    In Love and Oneness

  2. I feel a huge transformation Michele. I cannot describe it but even my actual physical body feels different. Meditation seems to be easier than 5 months ago because after listening to you video I totally understand. I still have a lot to learn. But I want to say Thank You



  3. I found the practice of meditation amazing. Such clarity and great explanation. More depth grew in me for meditation. Thank you

  4. The Science of Being Great is Great! Listening everyday to a few chapters and working on them i noticed that my energy every time was changing opening and my consciousness growing. Very magical book. Practice daily its guides.
    Thank you Michelle. Love Vasiliki

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