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The Magic Of Affirmation Power

You Can Become A Magnet To All Good Through...
The Magic Of Affirmation Power

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”
- The Buddha

The Buddha taught this over two and a half thousand years ago, so it’s not such a big secret.

With our thoughts, we create the world. You can use your thoughts to create an awesome life through this wonderful book. It teaches you the most unique and fastest way to plant new positive thoughts of success, healing and prosperity.

You can turn your entire life to the positive. This book gives you clear tools to change your circumstances and life in the most joyful and totally unique ways.

In this book you will also receive links to receive Over $50 of free success products.

Mystical Greeting Cards

These exquisite Mystical Greeting Cards were created for one main reason. To bring more Light to this world and Enlightenment into consciousness.

When you look at these cards their vibration can be felt.

Cards with the vibration of Light.

When we send it to another person they will be uplifted. When we use the cards for our own goals, intentions and dreams they will infuse your written words with beauty and power.

Mystical Prayer Cd

This personalized recording, is a truly powerful tool to assist you to not only realize your potential but it will also raise your consciousness exponentially and rewire your mind to Success and so much more.

I believe this is one of the most powerful, Enlightened tools you can have to raise your consciousness FAST!

People have let me know the miracles of healing, joy and wealth that they have experienced since experiencing a Light Transmission. Imagine what a personalized recording can do, what great shifts in success and consciousness can be experienced.

Advanced Mysticism

Are You Feeling Stagnant in Your Spiritual Practice? Do You Feel You Are Ready to Advance Further?

Have You Longed to Feel a Greater Connection to The Divine and Experience Higher States of Consciousness that advanced seekers experience?

The majority of spiritual seekers get to a certain point and then their progress stops.

Higher Consciousness is Experienced By Burning/Melting away energetic blocks and old Lines of Attention to the past. It is being done every day and CAN be done for YOU, once you know how it is done.

Light Transmissions

Your true Divine Presence will be revealed. Become who you were truly born to be. An awakened soul!

Learn to awaken the part of you that knows truth. Awaken the power and energy that activates your chakras.

When you request a prayer from Michele Blood, you are sent a Highly Developed, Ancient, Divine Energy/Light Transmission and Prayer to balance, harmonize, and transform your life, body and raise your consciousness.

Manifest Through The Divine Vault

For The First Time Michele Blood – after many people requested this – has recorded a Very Special DVD to assist you to Learn How to Manifest in This World.

Manifest Through The Divine the things that will allow you to Experience, True Happiness, Abundance and Inner Peace.

In this DVD Michele also Transmits Light to you and gives You Specific Instructions on How to Manifest Through Your Divine Silence inside The Divine Golden Vault.

Michele decided to also add “A Special Prayer Card” that is hand written to each person, which has Extra Light and a Blessing especially intended to assist you personally, to have a more Abundance happy Life.

The Power of Meditation

Practice of Meditation – Learn how to meditate successfully.

If you are beginning to meditate, intermediate or advanced there are things that can help you get to the next level in your meditation practice.

The Pool Of Enlightened Samadhi

The Pool Of Enlightened Samadhi

Visualization To Cleanse You Of Negativity and Prayers For Your Prosperity and to Raise Your Consciousness Into The Divine Light.

7 Simple Secrets to Raise Your Vibration & Increase Your Happiness
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7 Simple Secrets to Raise Your Vibration & Increase Your Happiness
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