• Access to All Past Videos and Webinars You receive not only the knowledge but also the Light Energy Prayer Transmission thru all webinars and videos since 2011.
  • Bi-Monthly Webinars Join people from all over the world every other week either through the telephone OR the Webinar AND receive a Light Energy Transmission Amazing life changing assignments and knowledge will be given. Questions will be answered.
  • Receive Two DVDs When you first join in the mail.
  • Special Light/Prayer/Transmissions ONCE every week that is FOUR Times a Month.

This Gold Level is for those who have not had much transformation or success in life and are still unsure who you are and where to go in life. You know you must have the guidance and Light to lead you into your true Destiny.

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$50 / Month

Congratulations on making the decision to totally transform your consciousness and bring light, harmony, happiness, and success into your life experience.

Please fill out the following page and please remember to put the correct email and your correct phone number so that we may contact you after Michele has looked over your application. We do not process your credit card until we let you know that Michele has approved you to be a Diamond Member of the Mystical Experience™.

Once you have been approved we will email you with your login details so that you will have immediate access to all the past light transmitting webinars that only Mystical Experience™ Members have access to. You will be emailed instructions on how to receive your prayer/light transmission that she will give you every Wednesday. You will also be mailed, to the address you give us, a personal card from Michele and 2 DVDs.

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