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Videos & Webinars (December 2020)
Solstice Empowerment
Live Virtual Empowerment Event Replay – December 14th, 2020
Change and The Meaning Of Life
Videos & Webinars (November 2020)
Awakening and What Is The Ego Really?
November 2020 Assignments
The Truth About Karma
Your Enlightenment Is Already Here
Angels & Celestial Beings – Diamond Member Replay
Videos & Webinars (October 2020)
Deeper Meditation
A Letter To Your Higher Self and A Powerful Guided Visualization and Prayer for your Happiness
Videos & Webinars (September 2020)
September 2020 Assignments
Prospering Through Releasing Mind Cobwebs & How Pilates Assists Meditation
Videos & Webinars (August 2020)
August 2020 Assignments
Mystical Experience Virtual Event Replay from August 16th, 2020
The Practice, Power, and Magic Of Meditation
Videos & Webinars (July 2020)
Virtual Event from July 25th 2020
Meditation & Places Of Power
July 2020 Assignments
Fate & Free Will, How We Create Our Reality
Videos & Webinars (June 2020)
"The Kundalini Effect" - Video
June 2020 Assignments
Videos & Webinars (May 2020)
May 2020 Assignments
Mystical Experience Member Zoom Video May 24th, 2020
Videos & Webinars (April 2020)
Truth & Dharma – Webinar
Videos & Webinars (March 2020)
Rise Up – Webinar
The Practice Of Meditation & The Power Of Affirmation -Free Webinar
Videos & Webinars (February 2020)
How To Experience The Mystical Romance
Finding Your Purpose
Divine Romance
Health, Compassion and How To Be Non-Judgmental
Videos & Webinars (January 2020)
Health, Frequency, and How The Light & Sound Can Heal Your Being
Kundalini Awakening & How It Manifests
Emotion or Divine Guidance
Levels Of Consciousness – Dark Night of the Soul or Depression?
January 2020 Assignments
Videos And Webinars (December 2017)
December Assignments
Are We Given Tasks From God?
How To Distinguish Between Real Attraction & Purpose Versus Past Life Experiences That You May Be Tied To At An Unconscious Level – Diamond Call
Turn Wishful Thinking Into Reality
Videos And Webinars (November 2017)
Pleasure, Pain and The Senses, Part Two
Pleasure, Pain and The Senses, Part One
Videos And Webinars (October 2017)
Trick Or Treat – Diamond Member Call
What Is Manifesting Really?
October Assignments
Videos And Webinars (September 2017)
How To Know What True Love Is
Diamond Member Partners Share Their Experiences Working Together – Diamond Call
September Assignments
How To Harmonize Relationships When We Disagree
Videos And Webinars (August 2017)
Light Transmission For Your Success & Higher Consciousness Live Stream
Rewriting The Past For A Better Now
Goals and Intentions – Diamond Member Call
Future Self Video
Videos And Webinars (July 2017)
Light Transmission For Your Success & Higher Consciousness Live Stream
Assisting Lost Souls Home
My High Vibration Video
The Power Of Decision
What Is Mysticism
Videos and Webinars (June 2017)
Don't Be A Mystical A Hole
Your Divine Lineage – Diamond Member Call
Rowing Through To Enlightenment
June Assignments
Videos and Webinars (May 2017)
Free Live Streamed Video Light Transmission for Your Prosperity & Success
You Are A Diamond
How To Send Someone Into The Light After They Transcend The Body – Diamond Call
Divine Action For Success
Videos and Webinars (April 2017)
April Assignments
Release Your Fear. Get Your Head Out Of The Sand
My New Beginning – Diamond Member Call
Wealth and Where to Locate Higher Positive Energy
Videos and Webinars (March 2017)
The Recapitulation Sharing The Light – Diamond Call
Release Fear and Be A Magnet To Mystical Success
Videos and Webinars (February 2017)
Preparation For LTA and I Am Sorry – Diamond Member Call
How To Surrender & Allow The Divine Presence To Always Look After You
Divine Romance & How To Manage Emotions
February Assignments
Videos and Webinars (January 2017)
Divine Truth Wrapped Up In Platitudes?
Just Say Yes
The Source Of Your Prosperity
Aphorisms & A Beautiful Divine 2017 For U – Diamond Member Call
Videos & Webinars (December 2016)
December Assignments
All You Need Is Love And Willpower
Joy, Light and Laughter – Diamond Member Call
Changes and Make More Money
Videos & Webinars (November 2016)
November Assignments
The Difference Between Spiritual Innocence, Naivety & Ignorance
You Always Have Your True Self – Diamond Member Call
Videos & Webinars (October 2016)
No More Hiding
The White Helmets – Diamond Member Call
How To Create Mind Structures
October Assignments
Videos & Webinars (September 2016)
Mystical Students Become The Teachers
September Assignments
Videos & Webinars (August 2016)
Back To Meditation & Questions Anwsered
Yogananda's Affirmation Power
Sharing The Light & Tantric Zen – Diamond Member Call
Three Days Of Magical Light
August Assignments
Videos & Webinars (July 2016)
How To Do Light Transmissions
Explaining The Koshas
Video – How Light Transmissions Work
Videos & Webinars (June 2016)
Solstice Goals Empowered
Existence & Immortal Consciousness
Videos & Webinars (May 2016)
How To Meditate & Are You A Bahkti Or Jnani Or Yogi?
Enlightened Pictures Come To Life – Diamond Member Call
Empowered Tendencies For This Life & The Next!!!
Videos & Webinars (Apr. 2016)
Raising Your Power Through Pushing Through Weaknesses
Unconditional Love
Videos & Webinars (Mar. 2016)
I Am Here – Diamond Member Call
Networking With God Not The Internet
Portable Heaven or hell it's your choice
Videos & Webinars (Feb. 2016)
Self Enquiry
February Assignments
How to Release Self Sabotage and Experience True Happiness & Success
Videos & Webinars (Jan. 2016)
Your Life's Vocation & Your Life's Divine Purpose
A Divine Reading
Love For Animals and Hormones
Mala Prayer Bead Practice
Desire, Enlightenment, & Earthly Goals
New Year's Day Webinar
Videos & Webinars (Dec. 2015)
Light Transmission For Prosperity
Expectations & Releasing Shadows
Release Fear And Gain Compassion
Videos & Webinars (Nov. 2015)
Thanksgiving Prayer For Divine Gifts
November Assignments
How To Release Negative Reactions
Prayer For Your City & Where Have You Changed
Light Transmission Practice – Diamond Call on November 7th 2015
Videos & Webinars (Oct. 2015)
Your Consciousness Grows In This Moment
Hats & Releasing The Ego
"Vajrapani & Dreams" Diamond Call on October 3rd 2015
Videos & Webinars (Sep. 2015)
What Timelessness Really Means
September Assignments
Expanding Into The Cosmos – Diamond Call on September 12th 2015
Releasing Identity & Expanding Awareness Meditation
Videos & Webinars (Aug. 2015)
Future Self Visualization
Assignment For The Soul
Compassion For Animals Can Open Your Heart
"A Real Divine Happy Life" Diamond Call on August 1st 2015
Videos & Webinars (Jul. 2015)
July Assignments
The 3 Main Ways To Achieve Enlightened States
Continued…Where Do We Go After We Leave This Body
Release Bad Habits & Wake Up Month
Videos & Webinars (Jun. 2015)
How To Hold Onto Your Power & Release Lines Of Attention
June Assignments
How The Holy Light Manifests As Divine Love
Videos & Webinars (May 2015)
"Do We Choose our Family In The Next Life" Diamond Call on May 31st 2015
What's The Matter? Matter Is The Matter!
The Power Of Sincerity & Non Criticism
Videos & Webinars (Apr. 2015)
Meditation To Awaken Your Inner Divine Mother – Diamond Call on May 2nd 2015
April Assignments
How To Be More Likable & Become The Divine Mother
Video – Mantra, Kriya Yoga Breathing & Sushumna Practice
Video – Meditation
Transmit Light & Prayers To Countries & Loved Ones
Deeper Meditation Instructions
"How To Pray For Transitioned Souls" Diamond Call on April 11th, 2014
Old Souls & Sensitivity
Videos & Webinars (Mar. 2015)
Video – Prayer Beads & Spring Equinox 2015
Video – Light Transmission & Prayer
Advanced Meditation
Love For Animals and Equinox Preparation
Love For The Mystical Success Club Family Expressed
Videos & Webinars (Feb. 2015)
Video – Divine Romance
Video – Krishna Meditation
"Deeper Kriya Yoga" Diamond Call on February 28th 2014
Goal Empowerment
What Is Happiness
Happy Divine Romance Day
February Assignments
"Kriya Yoga & Sushumna Breathing" Diamond Call on February 7th 2014
Kriya Yoga
Videos & Webinars (Jan. 2015)
Responsibility For Your Enlightenment &Members Share Experiences and Laughs
The Miraculous Chakras
Video – A NEW YEAR Of Possibilities
January Assignments
Yogananda & Light Transmission
New Years Day Blessing
Videos & Webinars (Dec. 2014)
Video – The Solstice and Handling Family During The Holidays
Solstice and Christmas
December Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Nov. 2014)
"Belief & Faith" Diamond Call on December 6th 2014
Gratitude Assignment, Reincarnation, & More
November Assignments
Cleaning Lines Of Attention
Diamond Call on November 7th
Teacher And Transmitting Light
Videos & Webinars (Oct. 2014)
Crushing The Stars Into Atoms
Stop Dropping The Ball, BEGIN A NEW LIFE
October Assignments
Enlightenment Part: Two
Enlightenment Part: One
Videos & Webinars (Sep. 2014)
Diamond Call on October 4th 2014
Dedicating Your Love To Others
Make A Commitment
How To Enter The Divine Stargate
Videos & Webinars (Aug. 2014)
Diamond Call on August 30th 2014
Visualization For Cleansing Consciousness
Videos & Webinars (Jul 2014)
Dimaond Call on July 26th 2014
Visualization For Purity And Cleaning Consciousness
Chitta Vritti
Diamond Led Call
July Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Jun 2014)
Unconscious Versus Conscious Awareness
June Video – The Magic Of The Solstice
June Video – Meditation
Diamond Call On June 20th 2014
What Is Religion?
What Type Of Spiritual Aspirant Are You?
Ajana Chakra's Power
Videos & Webinars (May 2014)
Diamond Call on May 30th 2014
Releasing Struggle & Pain From Your Life
How To Have Good Fortune
May Video – Open The Divine Vault
Saint John Of The Cross
May Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Apr. 2014)
Diamond Call on May 2nd 2014
April Video – Manifesting Through The Divine Silence
Heart Chakra Activated Symptoms
Kundalini & Evolution Of Consciousness
Celebrating The Teachings Of MahaSiddha's
How To Bring Light To Your Home
Fun On The Spiritual Path
Videos & Webinars (Mar. 2014)
Become Peace Itself
The Power Of The Equinox
Choose Love
"Divine Love" & "I Am Love" MP3s
Diamond Call on April 5th 2014
March Video – Divine Love & How To Live
March Video – Meditation
Videos & Webinars (Feb. 2014)
Living & Death
Bhakti Path To God
AUM & Light Description
How To Pray For Loved Ones Including Deceased
February Diamond Call on March 1st 2014
February Video – Releasing Identity
February Video – Meditation
February Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Jan. 2014)
Enlightened Poems
Questions Answered
January Video – A New Beginning For 2014
January Video – Meditation
January Diamond Call on February 01 2014
Videos & Webinars (Dec. 2013)
Religion & What Is Oneness
The Solstice and The Caterpillar
Kundalini Awakening
Overcoming Fear
December Diamond Call on January 04 2014
December Video – Solstice & Intention
December Video – Meditation
December Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Nov. 2013)
Diamond Call November 30 2013
Your Temple
The Divine Mother Earth
Q&A on Meditation
Diamond Call November 02 2013
November Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Oct. 2013)
Light Transmission Session
Love and Laughter
Explanation of Causes and Remedies of Stress
Why Do We Love?
Diamond – Blue/White Light and How To Send Light
Tools For Higher Meditation
Video & Webinars (Sept. 2013)
Burn The Cave Dwellers With The Light
Conquering States of Mind
How To Release Blame & Doubt/Fear
September Video – Winning
September Meditation Video
September Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Aug 2013)
Diamond Advanced Training Aug 2013
Shakti Light Transmission
Take The Light Like A Man/Girl
To The Ego Nothing is Simple – To the Soul Everything Is Simple
Basic Meditation & Advanced Mysticism
August Video – Kindness & Compassion
August Meditation Video
Videos & Webinars (July 2013)
Protection, Women's Enlightenment & Q&A
Diamond Advanced Training - July 2013
Song: "You Light Up My Life" Video
Positive Thinking to Manifest
Love, Marriage & Dating
The 3 Gunas of Happiness
Ways To Connect To Your Divine Love Video
July Meditation Video
July Assignments
Videos & Webinars (June 2013)
Diamond Advanced Training - June 2013
The Path To Enlightenment, Not Easy
Releasing Lines Of Attention
Of Ourselves We Can Do Nothing
June Assignments
Energy & What is Reality – Video
June Meditation Video
Videos & Webinars (May 2013)
Death Of Loved Ones: How To Help Them!
The Beauty & Truth of Meditation
The Experience Of The Moment
Seeing The Truth In People
Affirmation Power
May Assignments
What To Do With The Death Of A Loved One – Video
May Meditation Video
Videos & Webinars (April 2013)
Your True Self
The Bardo
Feel Worthy & Taking Responsibility
How To Become Successful – Video
April Meditation Video
April Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Mar. 2013)
Frequency of the Divine – Video
Living and Dying #1 – Video
Living and Dying #2 – Video
Living and Dying #3 – Video
Meditation Video
States of Mind and Seeing
Equinox Empowerment and Q&A
Ancient Wisdom
Radiate Inner Love
March Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Feb. 2013)
The Path & Etiquette
Shaktipat and Light
February Assignments
Videos & Webinars (January 2013)
Spiritual Reminders & Members Share
Kindness & Love
God Lives In Your Very Soul
The Necessity of Meditation for Happiness – Video
January 2013 Meditation Video
Jokes & Practicing the Presence
Videos & Webinars (Dec. 2012)
New Year Prayer Light Transmission
Prepare For The New Year
Sacrifice & True Giving
December 2012 Talk Video – Love & Relationships Video
Dec 2012 Meditation Video
Videos & Webinars (Nov. 2012)
Relationships Webinar
Reincarnation Webinar
Reincarnation #1 – Video
Reincarnation #2 – Video
November Meditation Video
Winning Webinar
How To Be Attentive Webinar
Videos & Webinars (Oct. 2012)
Fear Of Opening To Love Webinar
Soul Sickness – Video
Big Goals & Richard Branson Webinar
You Are Unlimited Webinar
Shift Your Mind – Video
The Story the Maya Will Give You – Video
Meditation Video
The Mystical Mastermind
Fear of Success & Enlightenment
Videos & Webinars (Sept. 2012)
Fear of Success & Enlightenment
Beyond Illusion & Meditation
Solstice & Equinox Audio
Romance, Love & Energy
Your Birthday – Video
Solstices & Equinoxes – Video
September Meditation Video
What Karma Really Is
Communication & Family
Videos & Webinars (Aug 2012)
Becoming Who You Are Through Action & Experience
Overcoming Fear
Live Intensely #1 – Video
Live Intensely #2 – Video
August Meditation Video
The Truth About Prayer
August Assignments
Videos & Webinars (July 2012)
Will Power
Spiritual Mind Structures
Persistence #1 – Video
Persistence #2 – Video
Persistence #3 – Video
July Meditation Video
How To Gain Transformational Energy
July Assignments
Videos & Webinars (June 2012)
June Assignments
Divine Love
Transformation & Goals
Meditation & Love
Thinking Of Others leads to FREEDOM
Timelessness – Video 1
Timelessness – Video 2
Timelessness – Video 3
June Meditation
Videos & Webinars (May 2012)
Omelettes & Rewinding The day
Stress and the meaning of Time
Awakening from the Dream
The Wise One – Part 1 Video
The Wise One – Part 2 Video
The Wise One – Part 3 Video
The Wise One – Part 4 Video
May Meditation Video
Webinar – What Are You Devoted To
Webinar – Freedom
May Assignments
Videos & Webinar (April 2012)
Your Bright Future Is Now
Being In the Now – Part 1
Being In the Now – Part 2
Being In the Now – Part 3
Sacred Membership and Tantra
April Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Mar 2012)
How To Be Courageous
You Are Existence ITSELF
Be Yourself – Do Not Be Wishy Washy
Omniscient Presence Video (part 1)
Omniscient Presence Video (part 2)
March Meditation Video
A Golden Chain Webinar
March Assignments
Videos & Webinar (Feb 2012)
Transmutation and Affirmation
How To Connect With Higher Consciousness For Prayer
Change #1 Member Video
Change #2 Member Video
Meditation Video
Change Webinar
Laughter & Irreverence
February Assignments
Videos & Webinars (Jan 2012)
Energy of Eternity Member Video
Meditation Video
January Assignments
2012: What To Expect
Diet On The Spiritual Path
Discourse With Dr. Robert
New Beginnings
Videos & Webinars (Dec 2011)
A New Beginning #1 – Video
A New Beginning #2 – Video
A New Beginning #3 – Video
A New Beginning #4 – Video
2012 Goals
One with God, but not God!
A Clean Room, A Clear Mind
December 2011 Assignment
Videos & Webinars (Nov 2011)
November Meditation
Let LIFE live for you Webinar
Turbo Charge Into 2012
What is Life's Purpose
November 2011 Assignment
The Game of Life – Video
Avoid Nothing, Face All of Life Webinar
Living Now / Setting Goals Webinar
Videos & Webinars (Oct 2011)
The Big Bang/Creation Webinar
Life is a Game Webinar
The Dhammapada
Affirmations & Your Higher Self – Video
Non Attachment & Etiquette Webinar
The Mind & Affirmation Webinar
October 2011 Assignments
Videos & Webinars (September 2011)
Rising Above Harmony Webinar
Life Of The Soul – Video
September 29, 2011 Webinar
September 14, 2011 Webinar Sexual Energy
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 1
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 2
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 3
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 4
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 5
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 6
7 Energetic Fock Ups Part 7
September 7, 2011 Webinar
September Assignments
Videos & Webinars (August 2011)
August 2011 – Meditation and Modules
Module 1 – Part 1
Module 1 – Part 2
Module 1 – Part 3
Module 1 – Part 4
August 3, 2011 Webinar

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