October 2019

    Do You Feel Your Purpose Is One Of Healing & Compassion?
    Would You Love To Be A Divine Conduit?
    To Have The Ability To Transmit Divine Light For Yourself, Your Loved Ones
    and To Assist In Releasing The Suffering In This World?

    The Light Transmission Academy Starting Soon

    Light Transmission Academy

    For Six Weeks
    Starting October 26th until December 7th

    The Light Transmission Academy

    Become who you were truly born to be. An awakened soul!

    Have the most powerful Shakti, High Divine Oscillating Miraculous Light transmitted to you from October 26th through December 7th so that you will be prepared to be in that all loving powerful Divine Light. You will never be the same again. 

    Your true Divine Presence will be revealed.  

    You will be given the Divine gift of being able to transmit this Divine Light to others. 

    Learn to awaken the part of you that knows truth. 

    Awaken the power and energy that activates your chakras. 

    You will be given instruction however you cannot learn how to transmit Light, the Light must be first transmitted to you, so that you are plugged into the Divine. Then all things are possible, for you, your loved ones and for those you feel need to be healed from their suffering. 

    You will at last be free, open and receptive to the true miracle that you are. You will experience being One with the Divine. Allow the flow of life to guide you to your higher purpose has always been to evolve and accept the power of the cosmos as your own friend and beloved.

    Transmission of Light

    This is such a wonderful opportunity to become one with your spirit and make HUGE shifts towards your Enlightenment. This is for your own consciousness, more importantly to assist the Divine to release the pain and ignorance the people on our beloved Mother Earth are experiencing.

    This world of 7 billion souls want release, they want to be home. They are lost and in pain.

    The power released to you will be a great service to our earth.

    It is a certain fact that if a soul builds up a Divine path through the Divine ether of Eternal Light that their love and compassion for others will also be sent back along the same path. All who are willing to be open and receptive to this calling and are willing to devote their time and energy to this practice will be building a bridge to the door of Freedom!

    Cross into the realms of Light that have been veiled from you, all your life.

    This is the energy that can be used to transmit to others.  To help those that you wish to assist. You will also receive special instructions on how to break away from old negative energies and allow the Divine Presence to work through you.

    Let us all welcome in the Light.

    Included will be powerful Light Transmissions from October 26th through December 7th, plus weekly instruction to prepare you to be able to handle the powerful Kundalini/Shakti energy. Once you are approved we will send you all the exciting details.

    "Read What Others Are Saying"

    It was wonderful meeting everybody, but I was pretty much jelly brained when I was there. I was all over the place. I really felt the Shakti all through my body. Coming home even in the airplay, wow, I see the energy out from the windows, all over the sky and in the clouds. I was just staring constantly at all the sparkles. Getting home and having lots of Shakti, vibrations, coming through me especially with a coworker who I knew was pretty open and receptive, she meditates, and there was a day that I felt a wave of love come over me and it was incredible. And actually she commented to me the other day, because she wasn’t feeling well that day and she said, “I don’t know what you did”, but she said, “I went home and slept like a baby and I felt so good,” she goes, “I didn’t feel sick anymore I felt, you know.” I said, “Well, that’s great. I’m glad you got some good sleep,” you know even meditation, like I’ve just shifted in my mind. It’s been so quiet there was even one point I was laying across the bed and I felt the vibrations coming up from under the bed and I was like, “Whoa.” Wow, it just like so many things, little things that I catch, and I don’t realize and it stops me. Even looking at people now it’s just been a tremendous shift for me, tremendous. Thank you, thank you so much. I just can’t wait to come back. I can’t wait, but it’s been so beautiful.

    Elizabeth United States

    I was just trying to gather my thoughts because I wasn’t ready to share but it was just amazing and we were told it would be a cumulative thing so the energy would build and sure enough, like every day was more powerful than the one before. It was so beautiful to be in the environment, and I felt so blessed constantly. That I was even there and just I see the whole thing as a miracle, and by the fourth day I was overpowered by emotion and my one on one Light Transmission just kind of really released whatever I needed to release. There are really no words to describe how wonderful and beautiful that the whole thing was to be with other members of the Mystical Success Club. I mean it was like a dream come true for me. I mean it was like I was at home, it felt beautiful. And I can’t wait to go back, and I’m just truly thankful for everything.

    Jeananne United States

    Michele you are beautiful and sooooo much love has now been poured-out in abundance. This is a warming wave for abundance, love and healing. Thank you for extending and sharing in ALL you do. I am extremely grateful and I look forward to experiencing this Divine Experience again. Big blessings.

    Kim California

    OMG Michele! This Light Transmission Academy was off the charts! It brought to me a deeper sense of Love and Compassion than I have ever experienced in this lifetime. And it is still with me, so it is a beautiful permanent shift in my consciousness.

    Giving us the tools to bring Light and Prayer to others was a special gift that I am eternally grateful for. I felt the Light that you sent me each day during the course of this Academy and as you know, it made feel like a little child full of energy but more importantly assisted in being able to serve others in bringing them to a higher vibration of More Love.

    Also, I have gained more clarity, peace and confidence on my purpose and my life with your Light transmissions and the tools that you taught us as we are here to serve others . Just an amazing, beautiful, wonderful gift to all of us who participated in this academy which again assists this planet's further shift into higher consciousness.

    Gary Barwig
    Gary Barwig USA

    It Is very challenging to express in words the experience of The Light Transmission Academy. Do you remember those times when you witnessed loved ones become ill, die or experience suffering and feeling so heart broken, feeling so helpless, because you don't know what to do?

    The Light Academy answered my prayers.  I felt such Peace, I felt so rich, I finally understood on such a deep level why I was truly here and I will always will have Divine Purpose.

    By the end of the Light Academy, I no longer needed to be a spectator of suffering, I learned how just 5 to 15 minutes can and will make a difference, and in our normal daily family and work life how we can truly be of service and assist others. What we learned was priceless and the learning is conveyed in such a way, it is imprinted on our very Souls, you start as one person and layers and fears of the old you just peel away, revealing more and more of who you really are.


    Zobeeda Madson
    Zobeeda Madson Spain

    It was an absolute dream come true for me. When I was there, I’ve been a part of these calls for almost two years now, but I’ve never actually spoken up and to hear everybody and then for everybody to come to life for me, especially to see Michele only through video or hear her lovely voice over the phone, and then finally be able to hold her and hug everybody in the Mystical Success Club. It was just an absolute dream coming true. People put things down on their bucket list, and for me sitting in front of my teacher was definitely the highest thing I could have written on my bucket list. And it was beyond beautiful for me. I consider myself a loving person but after doing the transmissions with her, coming back to Miami, which is such a populated and heavy city, to feel my heart even more than I had felt before I had experienced that. It just blows my mind away. And I look forward to my meditations so much more and I hate having to open my eyes. The whole experience was ecstatic and I want to thank Michele and everybody that was there for making it a dream come true, because it really, really was.

    Zulema United States

    Yeah, I’m really looking forward to coming to this, I’m Really looking forward to coming to this next one as well. There really isn’t a whole lot of words to describe how clear, it was just a beautiful experience, and a lot of the stuff I don’t talk about because they are really personal and private things so sometimes I don’t I… When I was going through some stuff, just like a lot of things happened when I got home, and just when you are talking about the ways I just felt like the dead when I got home. I felt like my bed was an ocean I just kept on rising, I mean I literally from the top I just flopping down, it was like those waves I felt like I was in the most… And a lot of cool things have happened afterward. Just very, very humbling and I guess mystical some of the stuff during that time together and it was lovely meeting everybody. It pulled me into the group a lot more than I, I mean I didn’t know people I didn’t know faces and it pulled you right into the love. So that was fantastic. I just loved everybody that I met, and just sitting with Michele was a delight. I just highly recommend everybody if they can, it’s like what Michele told me at one point, if you just put intention out there that you want to come the money will come. That’s what it was when I decided to be a Diamond Member and the money just came. So if you are kind of thinking about it I would highly recommend just put your intention on it and watch it come to you.

    Julia United States

    Dearest Michele, I felt the Shakti so strong and beautiful.  It filled me with such bliss.  All I did during the whole live stream was smile.

    When you sent the Light Transmission I saw your beautiful aura rise above your crown Chakra, your face was so bright and filled with so much light, I never thought it possible.  I AM ever so grateful for this experience.  I pray for those who seek the truth, to find this, this joy, this Divine Jewel. It is there!

    Elizabeth New York

    The Light Transmission Academy Training, was an experience that I could never have imagine was possible, especially for me.  The thought of me, been able to connect to the universal energy, and then been able to send it to someone in need, was way beyond my understanding of anything that I have encounter in my lifetime to date.

    The most amazing thing about it is, that when you connect to this energy to help someone. You are really raising your own connection and consciousness so fast. I am growing in vibration and feeling alive inside.

    William Scannell
    William Scannell Ireland

    Beloved Michelle,

    I Completed the 1st week from the Light Transmission Academy today. I was totally 100% God governed. It wasn't me. ( I (the body)could not have done so much .... ) But the joy of it, the love of it, was stronger than any pain.  My home is lighter,I am lighter.

    Even my daughter sees it and feels it, and is affected by it. She's already throwing things out and wanting to clear her room too. During the process I had many explosions of so much GOD so much Love and tears of joy and gratitude would pour. Thank you was the only mantra. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    Feeling Happier,more alive and look forward to the 2nd week AMC.

    Thank you for you Power of Divinity, waking us up, opening our Hearts and awakening our consciousness. It is a magical experience thank you for touching me so and getting me unglued.

    Vasiliki Greece

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