The Light Transmission Academy is Back for
7 Glorious Life Changing Weeks of Miracles

    You matter so much more than you realize.
    Your consciousness matters on a global scale.

    The June 2017 Light Transmission Academy
    (June 17 - August 5)

    YES! Please Include Me in the 7 Weeks
    of Miracles and Empowements...

    "Past Attendees"

    William Ireland

    Charles New Caledonia

    Julia United States

    Scott United States

    "It is our responsibility and Divine Privilege to do all we can to release suffering, not only in our lives, but also on this entire beautiful globe"

    7 Weeks of Empowerments

    Your true Divine Presence will be revealed.  Become who you were truly born to be. An awakened soul!

    You will be given the Divine gift of being able to transmit this Divine Light to others. 

    Learn to awaken the part of you that knows truth. Awaken the power and energy that activates your chakras. 

    The Light must be first transmitted to you, so that you are plugged into the Divine. Then all things are possible, for you, your loved ones and for those you feel need to be healed from their suffering. 

    You will at last be free, open and receptive to the true miracle that you are.

    Allow the flow of life to guide you to your higher purpose, which has been to evolve and accept the power of the cosmos as your own friend and beloved.
      You'll have the most powerful Shakti, High Divine Oscillating Miraculous Light be transmitted to you before the event, so that you will be prepared to be in that all loving powerful Divine Light for 6 weeks. You will never be the same again. 

    "Our narrative is usually, Let us change that to... We Are All One!"

    Susanne United States

    Bernadette Australia

    Transmission of Light

    This is such a wonderful opportunity to become one with your spirit and make HUGE shifts towards your Enlightenment. This is for your own consciousness and just as important, to assist the Divine in order to release the pain and ignorance the people on our beloved Mother Earth.

    This world of 7 billion souls want release, they want to come home. They are lost and in pain.

    The power released to you will be a great service to those pain.

    All who are willing to be open and receptive to this calling and are willing to devote their time and energy to this practice will be building a bridge to the door of Freedom!



    Cross into the realms of Light that have been veiled from you all your life. This is the energy that can be used to for your Enlightenment and to also transmit to others.  To help those that you wish to assist. You will also receive special instructions on how to break away from old negative energies and allow the Divine Presence to work through you.

    Chelsea United States

    Laura Spain

    Ready to Receive and Transmit Light?

    YES! Please Include Me in the 7 Weeks
    of Miracles and Empowements...

    Dear Ones,

    People worldwide always ask me the same question: “How do I discover my purpose in life?” In the past, who you were supposed to be was determined by your family and culture. You didn’t have a lot of options. But now there is an opening, a special moment in history, where if you feel you have a calling there is an opportunity to tap into your purpose.

    Millions of people right now are experiencing a yearning and desire to awaken to their unique gifts and offer them in service to the world — while living a life of joy and fulfillment. It’s a surging of the Enlightenment of spirit, that is your truth, a virtual global awakening, on a scale never observed before.

    So now for the third time, after Divine guidance, I am permitted to transfer Light to empower those with a higher calling to also sendLight to others. You can become a healer.

    If you feel you have a Higher Calling and purpose in this life the Light Transmission Academy may be what you have been searching for.

    The Light Transmission Academy will send Powerful Light every day for 7 weeks with 6 weeks of Live Streams and webinars watch video and if you feel this is for you apply.

    In Love and oneness,

    YES! Please Include Me in the 7 Weeks
    of Miracles and Empowements...