Your Magical and Mysterious Energy...

    What Energy Really Is

    Vibration Exists Everywhere

    Resistance and Consciousness

    Places Where You Lose Energy

    How to Quickly Gain Energy

    Energy and Water

    Tapping Into Divine Intelligence

    How to Meditate - Part 1

    How to Meditate - Part 2

    How to Meditate - Part 3

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    • "I had no idea I was losing energy . My whole life has changed and now I am back on track. Thank you Michele"
      – Susan , Los Angeles
    • "I do not even recognize who I used to be Michele, who knew these simply things would change not only my energy levels but I now feel such a Divine Connection.
    • "These suggestions have I feel saved my life. I will never play small again"
      – Rhetta, New York
    • “Michele is motivating, up front, frank, to the point about life. I have studied and taught mediation and inspiration for years and just ONE thing she taught me has changed my life. I no longer look at the past. I felt so much light just watching her. A lot more going on than just advice”
      - Debra, Chicago

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