30 Days of Powerful Light Transmissions
Starting April 1st - April 30th

    The Most Powerful Light Transmissions Michele Has Given

    Yes, I Want To Be a Part of 30 Days of these
    Powerful Light Transmissions...

    Powerful Light Transmissions for April

    Michele is going through a powerful transit.  This means that the divine is working through her and developing her energy in the most powerful ways.  This is the reason Michele will be offering April light transmission for the entire month so that you can benefit from this powerful light.

    This energy transferred to you could affect you in the most remarkable ways.  The more you are exposed to this powerful light the greater the change will be.

    Transmission of Light

    This is a truly rare opportunity, to raise your consciousness and elevate your life.

    Take advantage of this beautiful Light to assist you to oscillate at a higher vibration and connect consciously with your Divine Presence and experience the miraculous.

    If you wish to give this to a loved one please be sure to send us their picture and full name.

    "Read What Others Are Saying"

    I had a surge of energy in my head and then, that energy turned in to a tingling feeling inside my brain, as if it was activating my brain cells. It felt wonderful and all my thoughts stopped as well.

    When I did the gazing, on your eyes, your aura turned to white light and I could feel it in my third eye area. Truly amazing!

    William Scannel
    William Scannel Ireland

    Thank you so much for this Prayer and light transmission, it was truly magical.

    The Solstice and Equinox light transmissions and prayers that you do has been the perfect way for me to stay focused on a goal or two and obtain it. I love to see what I wrote three months prior, look at where I am today and say Mission Accomplished.

    Julia United States

    So many things are gone now in my mind... I keep thinking it's too good to be true... How much peace I can now experience. This is such a gift and I feel the Divine vibration constantly and the peace... And I am forever grateful. It really does feel like YEARS have gone by in consciousness from all that has been released.  My head throughout the day feels like a balloon of Light!

    Elida United States

    The Light Transmission was amazing! I felt the Shakti so strong and beautiful.  It filled me with such bliss.  All I did during the whole live stream was smile.

    When you sent the Light Transmission I saw your beautiful aura rise above your crown Chakra, your face was so bright and filled with so much light, I never thought it possible.  I AM ever so grateful for this experience.  I pray for those who seek the truth, to find this, this joy, this Divine Jewel. It is there!

    Elizabeth New York

    I AM so grateful for the AWESOME Live streamed video. I feel so peaceful, full of Divine Light and so happy to start my first day of work within so much Divine Vibration to reach my goals and to have more and more Divine in ME than ME. Really I don't have words for how I feel 🙂  -Thank you Michele

    Charles New Caledonia

    I actually feel like a kid again. I feel and act very playful. Was drunk from all the Light transmitted.  I am practicing releasing negative energetic, thoughts and emotions very quickly because I observe them quickly. I stay deeply connected to the Divine so I am always in a meditative state.

    Gary United States

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    30 Days of Light Transmissions?

    Yes, I Want To Be a Part of 30 Days of these
    Powerful Light Transmissions...