1. rudina
    20 December 11, 2:00pm

    Hello, i want to join again the club. how can i apply? thank you

  2. Michele Blood
    20 December 11, 11:13pm

    Dearest Rudina,

    To join the club simply go to http://www.mysticalsuccessclub.com and click on apply to join.

    In Love and oneness

  3. Ana Maria Pimentel
    13 March 12, 3:09pm

    Hi, Michele, I would like to be sure I am already registered and been accepted in the club. I have just tried to log in and neither my email or password have been recognized. Thank you for all the videos you sent. I’ll do my best not to forget your simple but most powerful teachings. I am honored for having got to know you! Thank you! Ana Maria Pimentel

  4. Michele Blood
    06 May 12, 10:24pm

    Dearest Ana Maria,

    The site is http://www.mysticalSuccessClub.com
    if sweetie we do not see your application then we will have to call you.

    Do you have a time phone number and time zone for us?

    In Love and Oneness

  5. Zuzana
    10 September 12, 1:59pm

    Dear Michele.

    everything is ok, I have that CD.You are so wonderful person.I’m very happy to be
    your student. Thank you for helping me.
    With love Zuzana ;o)

  6. Kathleen Vagt
    26 November 12, 1:39am

    Hello Michele I had an amazing experience recently would love to share but not sure if this is appropriate place to post my amazing experience? Love light Kathleen

  7. Michele Blood
    29 May 13, 11:50pm

    Thank you Zuzana,
    Keep Meditating

    I AM with you

    In Love and Oneness

  8. 25 June 14, 12:50pm

    Thank you Michele for wonderful May and June videos! Very powerful, especially with regards to the May DVD, Divine protecting light was experienced in this manifestation. Also I will never be able to thank yourself and Treavor for allowing The Divine through you to assist in this book project, it has been many years in the making, research and training and now finally all are under a private seller and publishing account with Amazon (Big thank you Treavor for setting this up!!), to be as they are ment to be. I know this is the work in my purpose for this incarnation, so now I will be fully liberated to the next level of evolution. Big hugh blessings to all of you! I love you Michele!! xoxoxox

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