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Let’s face it, nobody is perfect, right? We live in a world where everybody wants something. But there is a tremendous difference between people who use you, and people who abuse you. People who use you want something from you. They may love you, but ultimately they want something from you, whether it’s something physical, something sexual, or just the fulfillment of their own love by having someone to experience it with, and you use people, too, for the same reasons. So, reciprocity, a symbiotic relationship, is a relationship in which certain people have worked out certain things: “I’m using you in certain ways, you are using me in certain ways.” That’s a balanced association. One is aiding the other, or allowing usage, if you will.

An imbalanced association, though, is when one or both parties or more, if it happens to be a corporation, becomes abusive and takes advantage of them . One tries to block another’s Enlightenment or success, causes pain to others or injures them in any possible way, shape, matter or form – physically, with energy, emotionally, or occultly.

It’s necessary to do a careful evaluation of your life, and discover whether the people in your life, no matter how much you love them, are using you or abusing you. If they are using you, no problem, you should expect that, and you should use them. Proper energy balance occurs there: beings helping each other. But if there are people who are abusing you, then you have to ask them to stop. If they won’t, you must eliminate them from your life. Otherwise they will keep you in a very low energy state.
Naturally, as we all know, it is possible to take energy from someone else. Just as you can steal money from somebody’s wallet, you can take power from someone.

This is usually done in a close emotional sexual relationship. In sexual contact there is something that happens – something obviously physical, and something subtle and mysterious. The doorways open between people in that deep level of intimacy, intimate contact, and it is very possible for someone to be very abusive at that time with energy. If one party is trusting, it’s very easy at that time for the other party to format someone. That is to say to put thoughts in their mind, to jam their consciousness or attention, to lower their energy level, or to just take power from them.

It takes a lot of energy to manipulate someone and keep them on a string; or if you have a lot of energy and people seek it, they try and get to you, and get into your life. They try to keep you off balance, keep you from making good decisions that will empower you, keep you from meditating well, keep you from being athletic and building your body up, and being successful in your career. Because if you are successful and you meditate deeply, and you have a healthy body, then your attention field will become very sharp and you’ll look around and see if anyone is in your life for ill reasons.

It’s necessary to do a careful evaluation of your life, and discover whether the people in your life, no matter how much you love them, are using you or abusing you.
~Happy Being



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